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Spring Break Art Show

Roarke Menzies debuts a new solo performance called Permeate/Permutate, as well as a new collaboration with writer Paul Rome called 1200px, as part of a group show organized by (harbor) and Regina Rex for Spring Break 2016.

Performance Schedule:

Tuesday, March 1 at 7pm
Wednesday, March 2 at 7pm
Thursday, March 3 at 7pm
Friday, March 4 at 7pm
Saturday, March 5 at 2pm & 7pm
Sunday, March 6 at 2pm & 7pm

Permeate/Permutate - Permeate/Permutate is a solo performance that uses voice, electronics and field recordings to imagine new configurations of anatomy, machinery, agency and space. In this work, the audio signal chain operates to extend the expressive and performative, as well as the accidental and incompressible gestures of the body. Wet, breathy, sometimes microscopic sounds are amplified, expanded, contorted and multiplied using close-mic'ing, a series of on-the-fly hardware effects, and a site-specific microphone/speaker array that engages the architectural attributes of the built space, activating its surfaces, cavities and hidden material conditions.

1200px - Longtime collaborators Paul Rome and Roarke Menzies offer their latest performance pairing new works of literary fiction with music and sound. On the verge of his latest bout of writer’s block, an author discovers a series of photos on Dropbox that offer glimpses at someone else's life, loved ones, and seemingly blessed future. The author finds himself considering his own future and past, eventually wondering what they might be like without him.

Earlier Event: February 26
Sunnyvale Brooklyn
Later Event: April 1
Cowles Center