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A voice echoes down an audio cable. A sewing machine is cranked by human hands. Fists pound and beat on a sheet of steel. 

A blank hard drive – no memories, just structure, architecture, an empty page – is marked with human data: mouth sounds, sung melodies, lips, teeth, breath, traces of bodily presence. 

Corporeal is a series of musical collages that consider the repetitive, hypnotic acts of the body in performance, as well as the storied, figurative romance – utopian and fatal – between human and machine.

What sets this collection apart... is the quietly insistent energy of these hypnotic loops and drones... We are left in the end with the human voice... Menzies’s impassive groans and coos trailing off into a bed of scrambled echoes, at last unhindered and alone... A singularly haunting and evocative electro-acoustic trip.
— Foreign Accents
The pulses are that of flesh and blood and ungainly human step... Muffled beats, fleshy contractions of muscle, rumbles of feet hurrying across the floor... It’s all veins and wires, motors and lungs... the sounds of corporeal impact that persist.
— ATTN:Magazine
Menzies... combine[s] found and created sounds with mysterious vocals to create atmospheric aural adventures that come alive with the rattle and hum of real life.
— This Week In New York

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