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The debut solo outing from sonic explorer Roarke Menzies, Shapes is a collection of audio works that reflect on the materiality, or rather the potent immateriality of sound: an ethereal, non-substance that seems at times to both create space, and fill it up, while simultaneously doing neither.

In these works, vaporous, disembodied vocal tones and shifting sound masses drift in and out of audibility, perhaps evoking dreams, memories, fictional settings or spectral presences that gather and disperse. These sonorous movements emanate out toward unknown ears to confront one's sense of space, place, mood, presence and time.

Menzies... is entering new territory, putting himself front and center with the release of his debut album, Shapes... an ethereal journey through space and time, from the gentle, lilting “Those Pretty Lights” to the echoing, wind-strewn “Pulse Inflections.”
— This Week In New York
Menzies presents a consistently subdued and deeply resonant sonic space, a collection of poetic language that stands up alongside the output of artists who have inspired him... Shapes is a strong debut that rewards repeated listening.
— Musicworks Magazine
The sounds encountered on Shapes are dense with nuance yet sparingly employed. Throughout, moments of both ethereal calm (“Those Pretty Lights”) and melancholic terror (“Man in the Mylar”) emerge, often in the same track, sometimes simultaneously.
— Volume 1 Brooklyn

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